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About Mel

Acrylic Pouring Saved My Life

You might be wondering, “Why acrylic pouring?” Believe me, it’s a journey I never anticipated, but one that’s brought immense healing and joy to my life.

From my earliest memories, art has been my refuge. Whether it was the colorful embrace of crayons or my innovative “watercolors” crafted from dirt, tree bark, grass, and water – I was always that kid. Art was my identity, but like many, life took me on various detours, and my passion took a backseat.

Tragedy has a way of reshaping our lives. The sudden loss of my beloved dog, Dewey, plunged me into a deep depression. Each day felt like an insurmountable mountain, weighed down by anxiety and panic attacks.

It was during this trying period that I stumbled upon acrylic pouring. The rhythmic act of mixing, pouring, testing, and experimenting transported me to a mesmerizing world. Every time I immersed myself in this art form, I found myself in a state of “flow,” where time stood still, and my worries melted away.

This “flow state” isn’t exclusive to art. Some find it in reading, others in exercise or fishing. But for me, acrylic pouring was my healing balm, my anchor in the storm.

With Acrylic Pouring for Beginners, I aim to share the magic that I’ve discovered. Through this site, I offer resources and insights from my years of delving deep into this medium. And for those keen to embark on a similar journey, I’ve curated a course that unveils the techniques that have brought me peace.

Art has an innate power, and acrylic pouring exemplifies it beautifully. It’s thrilling, relaxing, and above all, a testament to the fact that anyone can create. Dive in, and let the colors wash over you.

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